Model Ojasvi Sharma Biography, Wiki, DOB, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth and more

Who is Ojasvi Sharma - Ojasvi Sharma Biography, Wiki, DOB, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth and More 

Ojasvi Sharma is a model who won the Miss Popular Choice 2022 at Miss Diva Universe 2022 . She is very beautiful and attractive. She was the finalist of Miss Universe India 2021 . 

Ojasvi Sharma is the most searched model this year after the LIVA Miss Universe Contest. She is the Brand Ambassador of LIVA Fashion India . 

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Brand Ambassador of @livafashionin
Miss Popular Choice 2022 @missdivaorg
Miss Universe India 2021 Finalist @missdivaorg

Ojasvi Sharma Biography , Wiki , DOB , Height , Weight , Net Worth and more 

Name - Ojasvi Sharma 

Nick Name - Ohhjusswee

DOB - 1997

Place of Birth - New Delhi ( India )

Height - 170 cm ( 5"7' )

Weight - 55 kg 

Eye Color - Black 

Hair Color - Black

Religion - Hindu

Nationality - Indian 

Net Worth -

Profession - Model and Actress

Ojasvi Sharma Educational Qualification 

 Ojasvi did her schooling from Spring Dales School , New Delhi .

She is a Graduate in Neurosciences ( Hons.) from Amity Institute of Neurosciences and Neuroplasticity , Noida .( 2019 )

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Interesting Facts About Ojasvi Sharma

  • Ojasvi Sharma won Miss TGPC 2020 ( The Great Pageant Community ) at India's Miss TGPC 2020 .
  • Ojasvi also won Miss Beautiful Smile at India's Miss TGPC 2020 .
  • Ojasvi won another title of Miss Popularity at India's Miss TGPC 2020 .
  • Ojasvi was the participant of LIVA Miss India Contest 2021 and was among top 20 contestants in the competition. 
  • Ojasvi won the title of LIVA Miss Diva Popular Choice 2022 at LIVA Miss Diva Universe 2022.
  • Ojasvi is a brand ambassador of LIVA Fashion India .
  • Ojasvi has appeared in the commercials of Dove Shampoo and some other popular brands.

Ojasvi Sharma Family -

Father - Rajeev Sharma

Mother - Shefali Sharma 

Sister - Jigisha Sharma 

Ojasvi Sharma is a part of NGO which teaches meditation techniques to improve mental health. Ojasvi Sharma became the internet sensation after the LIVA Miss Diva Universe 2022 as she won the miss popularity title. 

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cared about the background exactly as much as I care about unsolicited opinions

This was supposed to be a normal post but now I want to add something special to the caption. So for any woman who reads this,
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India’s Miss TGPC Season 8 winner - @vidhisharma.07 crowned India’s Miss TGPC Season 9 winner - Ojasvi Sharma 👑

I’m typing with a heart filled with gratitude and eyes filled with admiration for the impeccably beautiful crown...
The entire TGPC journey, which lasted for about three months, made me learn so much about life and much more about myself. The most important learning being that there are going to be times when life knocks me down and I cannot be a star in my own eyes as well. That’s okay because there are also going to be times when I will get everything I work for and more. I just have to flow through these changing times and focus on LEARNING the most. It really taught me the importance of learning.. from every person and every day. This is why I feel like a different person after these three months.
I was lucky enough to see that people who are competing against me can also cheer for me with all their heart haha! Never experienced this before. Remembering those women who made me see that side of humans. :’)
There’s so much more I have to say that I’m unable to, because I haven’t fully accepted the fact that I won till now.. this season was on fireeee. So much hard work, intelligence, talent and beauty everywhere.
I’ll just say that I feel immensely grateful for this enriching experience. Immensely grateful for becoming a part of this family and how! ♥️

Here’s to being motivated to learn more, unlearn more, judge less, love more, remember more, and let go even more! 🥂

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