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Shoutoutly.com is a website that provides interesting info , tips and tricks , hacks , how to information about instagram. The main purpose of creating this website is to solve issue that peoples are facing on instagram . In this website , I publish content mainly about instagram.

I have found that lot of peoples are having issue in getting followers , making money from instagram etc. So I thought it would be great if I create a website for the peoples where they can find all the information that they want.So , I started creating content around the topic and found that there are lot of issues on which I can write and help peoples.

So , I created Shoutoutly.com. It related with the instagram as shoutouts are very common on instagram.

About me - I am manjeet singh , a blogger from india who loves music . I do blogging as part time and want to be a full time blogger. I am currently learning content writing and always love to learn more about marketing. If you want to contact me then you can use contact form or message on this email - shoutoutly@mail.com



Manjeet Singh