The Social Media Influencer Who Shared 300 Pound Weight Loss Journey Plans to Join Gym After Recovering From Rare Disease

The 300-Pound Weight-loss influencer Lexi Reed says she's recovering from a rare condition that can cause kidney failure. Lexi Reed is Known for her more than 300-pound weight loss. Lexi Reed wrote that she wants to "be back in the gym." 

Lexi Reed has more than 1 million followers on instagram. She increased her followers number throgh her weight loss journey. A lot of people followed her and she is an inspiration for the people who wants to lose weight. 

Lexi Reed always motivate herself and others through her instagram posts. 

Weight-loss influencer Lexi Reed said she wants to "be back in the gym," after revealing she's healing from post-surgery wounds from her knees up to her shoulders.

In a September 15 Instagram post, Reed said the wounds are related to her calciphylaxis diagnosis.

Calciphylaxis is rare disease that causes calcium buildup in the small blood vessels where fat and skin tissue are, according to the Mayo Clinic. People with the condition typically need dialysis or a kidney transplant due to kidney failure, and open sores in areas of the body with high fat content is a common symptom. Antibiotics, surgery, and intravenous medications can help treat calciphylaxis.

"Life has been a lot different for me this year, but despite the setback, I'm still looking forward to the comeback. Thank you all for the continued prayers and for being patient with me while I take this time to heal - love you all," Lexi Reed wrote on Instagram.

The social media influencer formerly obtained complaint from a number of her fans for crowdfunding for hospital therapy following her January 2022 hospitalization and medically-precipitated coma for organ failure. 

Two days after her husband Danny shared an Instagram publish from her account pronouncing Reed`s hospitalization and saying "lamentably we do not have fitness insurance," Reed published a screenshot of a GoFundMe called "Support Lexi Reed in her Medical Expenses." 


 Some fans commented at the publish, thinking why she wished monetary assist while she has a high "internet worth" as an influencer. In response, Reed formerly informed Insider, "People appear to assume I'm a few kind of millionaire simply due to the fact the net says so, however we are a ways from that." 


 In March 2022, Reed informed Insider she is "thankful and blessed" with the aid of using folks that donated to her GoFundMe, which raised $70,000, "particularly while maximum of them have not met me in actual life." 


 Reed's Instagram account won reputation in 2016 while she began out to file her weight reduction adventure. In  years, Reed misplaced 312 kilos, reported. In 2018, she informed the mag she began out her weight reduction adventure as a part of a mission to reduce out soda, alcohol, cheat meals, and ingesting at restaurants. After dropping weight, Reed had surgical operation to take away seven kilos of free pores and skin from her stomach. 


Finished my first round of IV treatments this week for calcinosis. The calcium buildup doesn't seem to have changed either way and im still experiencing pain plus discoloration/bruising on my thighs, back, and stomach. We're trying to stay ahead of this condition so next week I'm going to see another specialist for a second opinion and to find out if there are any other forms of treatment. I know instagram looks alot different for me lately but I'm still fighting for my health daily just in other ways. Please continue to pray for me even if I'm silent as I navigate through all of this. Love you all!

 Second surgical debridement today to remove the dead necrotic skin on both of my upper thighs so my wounds can fully heal quicker! I'm not a big fan of needles or surgery but i am a fan of getting my body back to it's best health. Forever grateful that @discoveringdanny has been amazing at helping me throughout all of this and with my daily activities, appointments, + daily cleanings with bandage changes to prevent infection. Due to the rare diagnosis of calciphylaxis my wounds are currently all over from my knees to my shoulders but still smiling/fighting and reminding myself that great things take time. Life has been alot different for me this year but despite the setback I'm still looking forward to the comeback. Thank you all for the continued prayers and for being patient with me while I take this time to heal - love you all!


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