Why Billionaire's Wife Went on a Date With Unknown Person | This Might Surprise You

The Popular Model Marisol Yotta went on a Date with her fan and she charged a huge amount for doing this. The Model Marisol Yotta is a wife of German Businessman Bastian Yotta. Read Why Marisol Yotta went on date with unknown person and her husband knows about it.


Here is the reason told by marisol about the date , Marisol told that she was competing with her husband regarding instagram followers. Both Marisol and her husband decided to check who gets the maximum number of followers on instagram in one month. 

With the competition between the two for getting more and more folowers on instagram , both wants to see who earns the maximum money from social media in the same time. 

This makes marisol yotta to go for a date with the unknown person and she charged around $5 thousand for a date with him. 

Marisol Yotta and Bastian Yotta tied the knot on 2021 in Germany . Marisol is very active on social media and has more than one millions followers on instagram. 

Bastian and Marisol has a very glamorous life and they have problems in Germany due to their lifestyle .So, they moved to USA . Marisol does not think while spending money as she told that she do not bother if she is spending $ 10k or $ 20k for just an evening . 

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